Sample App

I’m going to try and use this blog to post details regarding a sample app that I’m writing for myself. The application itself is really more of an applet – I don’t really have a fixed feature set for it – it actually forms part of something much bigger that I’ve been tinkering with for some time.

The real purpose of this applet and indeed posting it online is so that I can use it as an exercise in learning WPF. I plan to convert all the existing features from the current WinForms version into a new WPF application. This should be a great learning experience for me – although I imagine there will also be a good deal of pain as I struggle to re-learn windowing fundamentals in the new framework.

Here’s a quick feature list that I’m aiming to include before I begin the WPF version:

  • Split frame code out of Photo class into a separate Renderer. Do the same for the PhotoPage class background.
  • Create a new Photo frame Renderer using simple triangular semi-transparent picture holders. Give the ability to swap between the existing Renderer and this new one.
  • Make photo frame borders optional.
  • Create a popup/tool window to display the EXIF data that I’m currently reading.
  • Add the ability to update/create captions and store in EXIF.
  • Create a simple “how to use” web page – host online and hook to F1 key.
  • Create an options window to specify album and application level defaults.
  • Do a quick optimisation run – particularly in the “load from folder” code path.

Next post should include some screenshots of the current version and the ClickOnce install path.