WPF Book

I’ve just ordered Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Unleashed by Adam Nathan – my first technical reference purchase in around 15 years. Normally I find most technical books to be average to lousy and I’ve never read one cover to cover. The pace is often too slow, they never go deep enough unless they are a pure reference book in which case they never have enough realistic examples to make it all work. [Interesting to note that this book is only 40% of the cost of the other book – not taking into consideration the 15 years of inflation. Publishing must have gotten a whole lot cheaper!]

From what I’ve heard and read recently I think the true technical reference book is dead – online help and search are just so much more affordable, portable and accurate. I still think there is a need for the more technology overview type book (else why would I have bought this one ).

Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed (WPF) (Unleashed)

So why did I choose this book over others by authors such as Charles Petzold, Chris Anderson etc.

  1. Has by far the best cover :-p
  2. Is printed in full colour. I know a lot of people will think that’s a lame reason but I’ll stand by the fact that the best technical books I’ve kept from my Uni days are those that are well published. That means good typography, layout, diagrams etc. Of course most of those use colour to because let’s face it – now that the cost appears negligible (this book didn’t cost me any more than the others would) why wouldn’t you? Unless of course you’re the kinda developer that switches all the syntax formatting in Visual Studio to black and white
  3. Ok – so I remember reading quite a few blog articles talking about the differences between the WPF books mentioned and I felt that I liked the sound of this one more than the others.

I probably won’t get my hands on this till around 7th September – I wonder how much I will have figured out by then. Oh well – I guess its tax deductible anyway…