Little to Report

I haven’t made any progress for the last week on my WPF attempt at PhotoPlay for a bunch of reasons relating to work and home commitments. I’m pretty disappointed about this – I had hoped to have got further. The good news is that I received an e-mail on Monday from indicating that my book has been shipped and I should expect it by the end of the week.

I must admit I almost resorted to Amazon when purchasing this book – but then at the last minute I figured there must be a local alternative with quicker shipping. The local alternative was fractionally cheaper although I believe they still import the book from their overseas distributors, so I doubt the delivery would have been much different. I’m glad I bothered to look around though because I’m an anti-fan of Amazon – I know the rest of the world disagrees but I just find the entire Amazon web experience to be dismal. Their search never seems to work – even when you know they have the book, and their ordering/check-out process is frustrating.

Hmm… Ok – I had a bad day at work today – vent over…