What an Awesome Day!

Today was a great day for me.

It didn’t start off to well. I overslept, missed breakfast with my son, and only just got to work on time.

Things picked up a little from there – I’ve been working on some seriously cool custom grid rendering at work for a prototype app. Basically bending the standard WinForms DataGridView to do row grouping with headers and calculated footers, expand, collapse, switching between single line and multi-line preview etc. So an hour or so of coding bliss…

Around midday I was giving a talk on Windows Vista as part of a series of “lunchbox” education sessions I’ve been trying to get off the ground at work. I’d spent a good portion of previous night setting up my machine with demos. However, when I went to set up my machine at work I realised that my machine has only two DVI outputs and there I am stuck with no DVI to analog connectors – so I can’t connect it to the projector. Ended up doing an “off-the-cuff” presentation using a Vista Business machine – but via remote desktop so no Aero Glass . I think I pulled it off but was a little disappointed.

I get some really good news later in the afternoon – more than makes up for any of the days minor inconveniences. At this point the day is already a Very Good Day.

Tonight I left early (before 6pm) so I could take my son and daughter swimming. Before we leave for the pool I set the latest dotnetrocks show to download. The kids have a great time at swimming – which by proxy means so do I. Now its a Great Day.

On the way home I remember that today is the 30th October and why that’s important. I bundle the kids out the car and we listen to the first 10 minutes of episode 285 of dotnetrocks. Now I’m not sure how much pre-schoolers get out of listening to dotnetrocks normally – but even they get excited when they hear my name read out as one of the two winners of a 24″ LCD monitor! Or maybe they just got excited because I was jumping up and down and shouting?

Day status – Awesome!

Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP Font Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP Back   

Big thanks to Microsoft Europe for the prize and Carl and Richard for an awesome show. I wonder what I’ll get in the mail first – the Brain Bag or the monitor?