The King Returneth

I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would be so happy to see the Microsoft File Transfer Manager. Its amazing what the Horrors of Akamai can do to a person.

I checked the MSDN site again in desperation and it appears they have one SKU at least available for download using the standard transfer manager.

  • I got to pick the download location.
  • I’m reasonably confident it will resume from network glitches.
  • I don’t believe it has some built in 8 hour time restriction that prevents anyone with poor transfer speeds <= 1.5Mb from downloading it.
  • Its easier to install.

Original Download Manager

I managed to have 5 failed attempts using the Akamai Download err… thing. Wasted around 12 Gb of bandwidth. I just love this paragraph from the Microsoft FAQ regarding the “Top Downloads” use of Akamai.

“What is the Akamai Download Manager and why do I have to use it?

To help you download large files with reduced chance of interruption, Top Downloads requires the use of the Akamai Download Manager. You can easily pause, resume, and stop the download process. Use the Download Manager for efficient installations, time-saving features, and automatic restarting if the download process is interrupted.”

So let’s take a quick look at these claims based on my (and other’s experience).

  • Reduced chance of interruption – hmm… by “reduced chance” do you mean guaranteed?
  • Easily pause – yeah sure…
  • Resume – nope…
  • Stop – well yeah I guess so…
  • Efficient installations – ha, ha, ha…
  • Time-saving features – seriously, how?
  • Automatic restarting if the download process is interrupted – simple mistake the spell checker has obviously inserted “restarting” where “corrupting” should be.

Ok – I’m sorry – vent over