The Bag Arrives

Today the Tom Bihn Brain Bag was delivered. The courier delivered it to my home whilst the wife was out and so they decided to throw the box over the garden gate. Amusingly the online UPS tracking certificate had “Signed by: DR SIDE GATE”.

Tom Bihn Brain Bag

The bag itself is a pretty plain affair with the normal array of pockets and compartments that you would expect from a good quality backpack. The shoulder straps, chest and waist fasteners were well fitting and I was quite surprised as to how “natural” it felt to wear – certainly more so than any other backpack I’ve tried.

So is it worth US$140 (without freight)? Well – I dunno? The build quality seems excellent. Although I’m certainly no expert – “The back is made of Dri-Lex Aero-Spacer mesh and is padded with 3/8″, high quality, closed-cell foam” – does sound pretty impressive. But their marketing only just starts there…

I mean the US$140 just gets you the bag itself. There are no laptop pockets, document organisers or anything it it – just two large zipped compartments with custom fastener points. You see you have to buy those as extras – but you don’t but “laptop pockets” and “organisers”. No, for your Brain Bag you buy “Snake Charmers”, “Vertical Freudian Slips” and “Horizontal Brain Cells”. Would I pay a further US$60 for a “laptop pocket” – are you kidding! But US$60 for a “Horizontal Brain Cell” and suddenly I’m scrambling to work out shipping costs .

With the bag came the invoice – complete with details for returning presumably if you find any defects or are otherwise unhappy with it. Printed at the bottom of the invoice was this little gem…

Tom says: “Everyone gets a free cookie!”

Sure enough inside the bag was my very own Cougar Mountain cookie with ingredients including chocolate liquor. I must be special

Couger Mountain Cookie

Even their tag line is priceless: TOM BIHN – Portable Culture.

Tom Bihn Packaging

All this marketing – yet my wife somehow remains immune. She keeps calling it the Tim Bin Bag.