Sneak Peak

My little hobby app that I’ve been tinkering with now for over a year is finally beginning to take shape. The user interface is still a shambles – mainly because its my test bed for all the new WPF goodies I’ve been learning, but the database and data access layer are pretty much sorted out (thanks to LINQ). I’ve started importing a little data and was kinda happy with some of the initial results… so much so I just had to post a screenshot.

Sneak Peak 1

Hopefully, I’ll get a bit more time to work on this in the coming months and will be able to post something more interesting. Not the least of which being the stumbling blocks I’ve hit porting bits of this from WinForms to WPF and from my own hand-coded ORM/offline sync data layer to the equivalent in VS 2008…

Oh and completely off topic if you’ve ever wondered about the truth of what life is really like working at Microsoft then you should check out this link . I guess whilst I’m on the topic of amusing vids I also enjoyed Scott Hanselman and Chris Sells arguing about whether less is really more when it comes to home theatre and remotes on the first instalment of Geek Developer Cribs.