Updated RibbonBar

Update to RibbonBar – is now a separate Resource file. Simply merge into the resource dictionary and use the RibbonBarStyle on the TabControl you want to look like a Ribbon. The sample below can be copied direct into XAML viewer (e.g. Kaxaml). This is a XAML only version so doesn’t contain any of the command binding stuff, curvy tab headers etc.

<ResourceDictionary Source="http://www.spencen.com/downloads/RibbonBarResource.xaml"/>
<TabControl Style="{StaticResource RibbonBarStyle}">
<TabItem Header="Tab 1">
<Button Tag="http://www.spencen.com/downloads/Button1_48.png">Button 1</Button>
<Button Tag="http://www.spencen.com/downloads/Button1_24.png">Button 2</Button>
<Button Tag="http://www.spencen.com/downloads/Button1_24.png">Button 2.1</Button>
<TabItem Header="Tab 2">
<Button>Button 3</Button>
<Button>Button 4</Button>
<ComboBox Text="ComboBox 1" Width="80"/>

Grab the RibonBarResource.xaml from here.

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  1. You’re right – I should have included a screenshot – or at least linked to the previous posts. Thanks for the feedback Mikael!

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