Great Content Abounds

Haven’t posted for a while – I’ve been absorbing the flurry of good content that been blogged recently. Some of my favourites.


  • RI drops every couple of weeks – its interesting watching the bits take shape. I wish they’d include source comments though. I’m guessing they think its less cluttered without the comments but I find it tedious drilling down into every class/interface/member to try and work out its use. Maybe I’m not familiar enough with some of the pattern implementations – but surely if “learnability” is as higher on the priority list as suggested…
  • I wonder if they strip the comments out when the drop a release or whether they really have no source comments at all?
  • The latest drop shows the teams current thoughts on implementing a Command pattern using a customised ICommand implementation.
  • I really like the Region Manager stuff, using an attached property to allow any Panel or ItemsControl to become a region with a single XAML attribute.
  • I also found Ward Bell’s post on “Prism Camp” describing the working party that was put together to help kick off the project quite fascinating. [Side note to self: Ward is the product manager for DevForce.NET – interesting.]


  • Having some fun playing with Inversion of Control (IoC) in my test app. Whilst its got some great advantages its interesting to consider at what point that added complexity outweighs the gains – e.g. at what size/complexity of app does it become worthwhile. (Note the documentation does contain guidance on that question).
  • I first looked at this via its use in the earlier Prism drops but I notice that its just been officially released.

Josh Smith’s WPF Bootcamp Video

  • Where he walks through his demo X-tray WPF app. Definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in MVP/MVC etc. implementations for WPF. Great stuff.

Karl Schifflet’s next WPF Business Application instalment

Rob Relyea

  • This guy is blogging links to some great content (including most of the above) almost as fast as I can consume it!