ReMIX08 in Australia

Well I’ve booked my flight, registered and got the day off work (in that order). I am not a “web guy”. I’ll go on record as stating that I was over JavaScript and HTML back in 2000. Whilst it was kinda fun to play with for a couple of months I’m not about to go writing any serious applications with those technologies. [I’ll leave that to the hordes of happy web devs who somehow seem to enjoy it.]

Regardless I was very impressed with the content that I saw coming out of Mix08 this year. In particular being such a WPF fan I think Silverlight 2 is sounding pretty sweet. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll convert from writing enterprise client-apps and do some web front-end development? As long as you promise I don’t have to touch a scripting language or HTML right?

I'm going to REMIX. Are you?

So who else is going to ReMIX08? Anyone from Adelaide making the early morning flight over to Melbourne on 22nd May?

Oh – and a complimentary copy of Expression Studio 2 – nice!