Dr Horrible, favourite Sci-Fi Show and Authors

For fans of Joss Whedon – creator of Firefly (a brilliant, though short-lived Sci-Fi series) comes “Dr Horrible”. This is a three act musical comedy that he made during the writer’s strike (ie. no studio involvement). Definitely worth watching! [Joss also did Buffy the Vampire Slayer (but I forgive him) hence he has a cult following that melted the servers they originally posted this to. An additional 2.2 million downloads in its first week on iTunes too.]

I also get surprised by the number of people that haven’t read Iain M Banks book – my favourite sci-fi author (though he does contemporary fiction too). There’s a great intro on the Culture civilization that spans many of his books here.

I guess while I’m at it, if you’re doing fantasy fiction is there really anyone better that Guy Gavriel Kay?

5 thoughts on “Dr Horrible, favourite Sci-Fi Show and Authors”

  1. Luckily, I was following the gestation of Dr. Horrible and saw it free. Now I’ll just wait for the DVD so I can addict, er I mean introduce, my friends and family (as I did with Firefly, I might add).

    Haven’t heard of Iain M. Banks. I’ll have to look him up. Overall, my favourite Sci-Fi author is David Brin, though he hasn’t been very active lately and Robert Sawyer is definitely a contender.

    As for fantasy, it is sooo hard to single out an author, but GGK has been high on my list since A Song for Arbonne. (I had previously read The Fionavar Tapestry, and I like it, but it isn’t quite as good as his later works.) Prior to Ysabel, my favourite novel of his was The Lions of Al-Rassan (which is supposed to be made into a movie, but I’m pessimistic about its chances of being released this year. I regularly recommend GGK to others. 🙂

  2. Hi Craig – what can I say – you’ve got great taste in film and literature

    I agree on the GGK books – I read Fionavar Tapestry as a teenager – and whilst its good its not on par with his later books. My personal favourite is Tigana, I really like the Brandon character as the “good villain” of the piece.

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