BindingGroup Secrets Revealed

When Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Beta was released it was hinted that new data binding functionality would be available for WPF applications using a new BindingGroup class.

Well with the release of SP1 RTM the BindingGroup surfaces – no longer such a well guarded secret. On the other hand it hasn’t exactly been promoted as a key new feature? I’ve yet to find a mention of it aside from the original reference by Brad Abrams.

I’ve only taken a quick glance thus far – but what I’ve seem looks promising. I was hoping for a method to overcome the clumsy “find a bound control” hack, but couldn’t find it. However, it does provide a BindingExpressions collection which provides an easy mechanism to identify all bindings for a given FrameworkElement (including all its children). Well – for those that care – here’s the MSDN documentation for BindingGroup.

Also of interest, but swamped by the SP1 RTM headlines a CTP for the forthcoming WPF DataGrid!

UPDATE: Vincent Sibal explains BindingGroup in full.

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  1. Thanks for the comment. I’d love to here on your progress in your WPF app and if you will be able to utilize BindingGroups. Let us know what worked well and what did not.

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