Panoramas using Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE) and HD View

After having had quite a bit of fun stitching photos together using Window Live Photo Gallery I decided to see what other gems it may have on its feature list. What I found was the Extras/Download more photo tools… menu which took me to this website.

Photosynth is awesome, but it requires that all photos be public at this stage. AutoCollage I had tried out before and whilst it is kinda cute, I preferr having more custom control in the layout (hence my PhotoPlay app a few years ago).

The Image Composite Editor (apart from having a truly uninspiring name) seem to essentially be the engine that Windows Live Photo Gallery uses under the hood to perform its own “Create panoramic photo” feature. Of course the Image Composite Editor (ICE) allows you to get more involved in how the composite stitching is performed. It also has quite a few export options, including: HD View Tileset, Adobe Photoshop, Deepzoom Tileset or just plan jpg or png.

Microsoft Image Composite Editor

I did some experiments with the HD View Tileset option. What I liked about this was it allows you to view the image whilst getting a better perspective of the rotational span. Kind of like printing out a panoramic strip and then wrapping it around your head about 15cm from your eyes whist spanning the correct angle of the composite. Err… ok – that wasn’t a great explanation – try the links below.

DSC07492-5 Stitch

Dunk Island – View from Mount Kootaloo

DSC07549-53 Stitch

Dunk Island – Alone on Muggy Muggy Beach

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  1. Hi Nigel,

    Great photos! ICE is a pretty great program, but I thought I’d drop off the link to the Windows Live Photo Gallery, just in case others reading this are looking for a little “simpler” way of getting great (although, maybe not as nice as the ones you took) panoramic shots.

    Here’s that link:

    Windows Outreach Team

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