WPF Charting

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from a developer who has been working on a set of WPF charting controls called amCharts for WPF. I was intrigued so I went over to the website to have a look around. Suffice to say I was easily impressed enough by the demos on the website to download myself a copy of the free (link ware) version.

The download, if anything, was even more impressive. The class library is concise, consistent and obviously well thought through (or evolved). Also, unlike other “bloatware” libraries this one weighs in at only just over 200Kb!

amCharts Torus

If you like what you see over at amCharts and are considering purchasing the Pro version then you may want to take advantage of a 50% discount code “spencen” when placing your order. Thanks go to Alan from amCharts for making me aware of his product and providing the discount which should be good till the end of May 2009.

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