Remix09 Recap

Remix09 Last year I went to Remix08 in Melbourne (scaled down aussie version of Mix08). One of the main attractions was the fact they were giving away a copy of Expression Suite 2 to every attendee – not bad for the $199 entry fee!

This year I decided to go to Remix09 not for software bargains, but because of the quality of last year’s event. Presumably the GFC meant that the event was only held in Sydney this year. Here’s my take on the conference this year.

GoodWindows Mobile 6.5 Development

  • Keynote was packed with lots of good Aussie demos.
  • Matt Morphett on design prototyping and Sketchflow – for me he was the outstanding presenter of the day. [Make sure you check out the video when it comes online late next week.]
  • Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 demos – behaviours, blend visual state manager support, animation easing, 2.5D, shaders etc.
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 was demoed along with plans for the Australian launch and overview of the “Marketplace” to compete with “fruit phone”. Check out the Australian dev centre.
  • Virtual Earth Live Bing Maps for Silverlight. Some nice demos – I liked the GIS integration.


  • Internet connections. Its a shame that every time I attend a Microsoft conference in Australia the available internet connection sucks. It’s bad enough that the delegates get WiFi that drops out and 3G/NextG saturation, but when the presenters can’t get a reliable/performant connection if really affects demos.
  • Seating was a bit quishy in Ballroom 3. OK – if that’s all I’ve got to complain about I’m thinking this must have been a pretty good day .


There seems to be a question mark around having a Remix conference at all next year. I for one would be disappointed not to see the event return.