VS2010 Intellisense and refactoring

I’ve been spending a little more time recently with Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1. In particular building a solution from the ground up (including TFS integration) and doing a fair bit of prototyping. Some of the new editor improvements in VS2010 are really pretty neat.

One of the first changes that you notice in the editor of course is the changes to intellisense. It now includes auto-filtering, but not just by a “starts-with” search but using more of a “contains” approach. This includes the ability to search for multi-word names using abbreviations, e.g. “AQN” to match “AssemblyQualifiedName.“ Personally I think the filtering works particularly well. Having used Resharper’s intellisense filtering I wasn’t to keen on the idea, I find that implementation to be slow and it somehow feels invasive. The VS2010 implementation IMHO is much better.

VS2010 Filtered Intellisense

I’ve started using the “consume-first” toggle, which is a great way to prevent Visual Studio from being over-zealous with auto-completion. This is useful when you’re building code against a set of yet-to-be-written APIs (i.e. consuming the API first).

VS2010 Consume First Mode

Just press the Ctrl+Alt+Space combination and auto-completion is suspended.

VS2010 Consume First Not Yet Created Class

The code generation options have also had a tweak with the “Generate other…” dialog.

VS2010 Generate Class

Lots of good options here – particularly being able to specify in which project to create the new file.

VS2010 Generate Other

(Refer here for more VS2010 code-focused changes).

{sigh} It’s getting harder and harder to go back to Visual Studio 2008.