Desk Calendar UserControl

I had a lot of fun late this afternoon putting together a Desk Calendar UserControl. The idea was triggered by me using a screenshot of the Vista Calendar Gadget in my last post. Also I’m working on a project at the moment that could use a nice date/calendar display and my previous WinForms attempts never looked that great.

Believing that imitation is the greatest form of flattery – here is my new Desk Calendar UserControl in all its glory. Of course being WPF its fully zoomable – no nasty bitmaps here – click the image to see it at higher res.


For the moment the control is read-only, although I did start working on a “flip page” animation. The layout was done exclusively in Blend (v3 Preview) hence the mark-up has some redundant elements and over-precise co-ords. In general though I was really happy with how easy this was to put together using Blend – the product has certainly matured well.

[Edit: Source code and XBAP demo can be found on subsequent post here.]