HTC Touch Diamond2

HTC Touch Diamond2 - Front I’m on an insane spending spree at the moment. Its a combination of the fast approaching end of the financial year and a series of routine mishaps/malfunctions – reversing into the garage roller door (no I wasn’t driving), faulty speaker on my 4 year old i-Mate JAM, grossly overpriced kitchen appliances, attending conferences etc.

Inspired by what I saw at Remix regarding the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 I figured that since my phone is on the fritz now must be the time to get a new one. For me the phone has to be a Windows Mobile device and by all the reviews I’ve looked at in the last couple of days the HTC devices seem to be the most well thought of.

So the order is placed. I should be getting an unlocked HTC Touch Diamond2 in the next few days. Cooked ROMS running Windows Mobile 6.5 are already available and I already have the WM6.5 SDK installed on my dev box.

2 thoughts on “HTC Touch Diamond2”

  1. I was pretty happy with my HTC TyTN II. I’ll be very interested to see how this one goes.. especially whether signal strength and battery life are improved (and how they compare to a plain old Nokia ‘dumb’ phone)

    Developing for Mobile is relatively easy with Visual Studio (well I figured out how to do it so it can’t be too hard!)


  2. I am thinking about buying the HTC Touch Diamond 2 and I would like to know is the 32 GB memory card is compatible and certified for this device , anybody knows ?

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