Working from Home

For the last week and a half I’ve been lucky enough to take some leave and work on some of my own (unpaid) projects. Here’s a few simple observations from that experience…

The view from my study window is better than the view from my third floor city office.

DSC09528-34 Stitch

The coffee is better, closer and comes with snacks.


No background chatter, instead I have the rare opportunity to really crank up the music – awesome boost to developer productivity!

Play List

No 2+ hour commute. On the surface this would seem to be a huge benefit, but it does come with drawbacks. My daily commute normally involves walking 4km and I get precious little other daily exercise these days. Also, commute time via bus is my allocated reading and podcast listening time – so I’ve been getting a little behind there.

I also got to watch my son participate in his first Grand Prix event – priceless!


Overall a great experience. I thoroughly recommend it!

I wonder if they’d notice at work if I took a couple more weeks off?

2 thoughts on “Working from Home”

  1. Yes we would notice!!

    Actually today we had *two* morning teas and there’s two boxes of doughnuts on Timothy’s desk that are earmarked for afternoon tea (can’t promise there’ll be any left on Monday, sorry)

    Probably good for our health that it isn’t like that every day 🙂


  2. Not only am I loving working from home, but my kids are getting in on the fun by starting their own internet sites based on what they love. I worked outside of the home for almost 20 years – this is very refreshing.

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