Developing for Windows Mobile – Animation Basics

This post is a follow on from my most recent efforts creating some screens for a Windows Mobile application. I had decided to write a simple graphics library to help me do some nice transition effects. So over the last two nights I ported (actually rewrote) my original WinForms Transition demo to Windows Compact Framework.

So far I have support only for polygons, but that includes hit testing, transforms (rotate, translate, scale), animation (floats, points, colours, brushes) and easing functions (currently sine in/out and elastic out).

Hopefully I’ll post more about this (with source code) soon – but here is a quick demo video that I captured using Expression 3’s new screen capture utility (very neat!).

Windows Mobile Animations_Thumb

So far I’ve been really happy with the performance. Will be interesting to see how much it degrades once I start adding gradients, transparency and more complex shapes. [Note that the video doesn’t really reflect the performance too well.]

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