Developing for Windows Mobile – Marketplace Sign-up (Part 2)

Contacted GeoTrust again and got an immediate verification over the phone. Was told that the Microsoft website would update the verified status within a few minutes. Several hours later… still waiting…

Decided to fill in the Payment section of the User Profile. Got to learning about banking Routing Numbers (not applicable within Australia) and banking Swift Codes. Have no idea whether the details are filled in correctly, but I’m guessing any income will be forwarded on to some lucky individual.

Tried asking the local Microsoft Mobile contact for some assistance. Took a week to reply and told me nothing. They do have a lovely web site though – no original content mind – but it is pretty.

Maybe its time to face that fact that Windows Mobile 6.5 is a “lipstick on a pig” release and I should just hold out for Silverlight on Windows Phone 7? At least by that stage (mid 2010?) I may have managed to complete the registration process…

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