Windows Mobile 6.5 Update for HTC Touch Diamond 2 (SE Asia)

Tonight I downloaded and installed the official Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM (SE Asia) on my HTC Touch Diamond 2. I’d previously used Microsoft My Phone software to back up all my personal data (excluding SD card) to the cloud. The re-install process worked flawlessly putting ringtones, contacts, favourites, text message history etc. back just the way they were prior to flashing the ROM – very nice.

However, I’d like to see My Phone do more, specifically:

  • Backup/restore mail settings (most importantly POP)
  • Backup/restore bookmarks for Opera Browser (default on HTC device) – even if converted to IE8 favourites
  • Merge duplicate contacts – the option is there on the website – but it seems to just check for exact duplicates. I want it to merge details for entries that have the same name, e.g. contact listing with IM details, another with phone, yet another with email – merged into a single contact.
  • Less obnoxious advertisements on the website.