A New Aussie Flavoured Podcast

I’ve just started listened to the new Frankly Speaking podcast created by Australian Microsoft DPEs Andrew Coates and Michael Kordahi. The guys are new to podcasting – and in the early episodes it shows – the sound levels are all over the place. What is great about the podcast however, is that it has a really Aussie flavour – for instance did you know:

  • Australia currently has around 115 MVPs
  • Azure will be officially launched in Australia in March
  • Shane Morris (UX guy) has career aspirations

What’s great about the podcast

  • The Aussie bent – Australian guests, what’s happening in Microsoft Australia etc.
  • Laid back, conversational style – I class it an “easy listening” podcast as compared to something like Software Engineering Radio.
  • The funny Australian accents – hey its a change from most other podcasts I listen to.
  • The album art – damn why can’t I come up with that stuff? Wonder if ShaneMo had a hand in that?

What can be improved

  • Sounds levels – seriously guys – within a single show the sound levels are all over the place. Even within a single conversation the levels vary widely – presumably as people move their heads instead of talking into the mic. The second show was so quiet I couldn’t hear it over the bus even with the volume turned to full!
    Only fair to say though that each shows sound quality seems to be an improvement on the last, so the guys are learning fast.
  • Missing property metadata, they’ve got Track number, Year and Artists but I’d also like to see:
    Genre: Podcast (not “Other”)
    Album: Frankly Speaking

One thought on “A New Aussie Flavoured Podcast”

  1. hey mate, thanks for the feedback.

    agree with the audio quality. we’re getting there, just picked up an awesome digital mixer and awesome mics.

    will also fix tagging, agree it’s a mess

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