My views on Windows Phone 7 Series

I have mixed feelings about Windows Phone 7 Series. Whilst the new user interface is refreshingly different I’m not overly optimistic about its effectiveness. As more information about the new OS was made available I began to get a better idea of the target audience.

My current feeling is that Windows Phone 7 Series will become a solid offering for the mass consumer market. It will throw off the shackles of the Windows Mobile legacy and become a more stable, more consistent and vastly more appealing operating system for mobile devices. The only people that are likely to be disappointed by the new OS are the few die-hards that are currently running Windows Mobile 6.5 and below. The kind of people that wouldn’t be satisfied with an iPad when there are much more powerful and efficient means at hand. Those with such outlandish views that they believe touch interfaces (capacitive or otherwise) offer some amusement but just don’t cut it for serious tasks. People that believe copy/paste and multi-tasking are key operating system features. Alas I am once such person.

I think Windows Phone 7 Series has the potential to be very successful and I certainly hope that it is. For me a lot about having a phone is having a mobile device for which I can write applications. The ability to finally use Silverlight is something that I’m really excited about. So while the operating system itself is not something that I’m all that enthusiastic about the developer experience so far looks great.