Porting WPF Word Puzzle to Windows Phone Silverlight – Part 1

To date I’ve avoided doing any serious development in Silverlight. Every time I’ve tried to tackle it I get so frustrated with all the missing pieces. Besides which I’ve never had a good reason to do any Silverlight work – I’ve never been a fan of applications that run in a browser.

With the release of the Windows Phone Series development tools however, I now have a good reason. So I figured I’d pick a relative simple, small scale WPF application that actually makes some sense to run on a mobile device. Rather than starting it from scratch I just wanted to port it from WPF – so I chose the Word Puzzle program that I wrote a couple of years back. I figured it was a good choice because it met the criteria above, plus I’d already stripped it back a little to make sure it could run as an XBAP application.

Inspired by Rob’s posts on porting NProf to Silverlight I thought it may be of some interest to list off the issues that I come up against as I go through the process of porting. This first list represents me starting a new Windows Phone project and copying over classes and XAML files to get something to compile and look recognizable. The following represents about 2 hours work:


However, along the way I came across this list of issues:

  • No Viewbox
  • No MouseDown or MouseUp
  • No UniformGrid
  • No Image.StretchDirection
  • x:Type is not supported
  • No Style.Triggers
  • No DockPanel
  • No RoutedCommand
  • No KeyGesture
  • No DataType on DataTemplate?
  • No ValueConversion
  • No DefiningGeometry on Shape
  • No BooleanToVisibilityConverter
  • No DynamicResource
  • No WrapPanel

I haven’t verified the above list yet – save that they gave me compilation errors. I easily found a replacement UniformGrid, but there are a few items on the list that may pose more of a problem.

The next step is to get some level of interaction working.

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  1. The No list is pretty scary (some items are used everywhere in WPF)

    They are not supported in Silverlight or in Win Phone 7 Silverlight?

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