Word Puzzle to Silverlight Phone – Part 2

Finally got interaction and feedback happening on the Silverlight port of Word Puzzle. This was so much more difficult than I had imagined – feels like learning WPF from scratch. I am beginning to believe that it would be easier to approach Silverlight with no WPF knowledge whatsoever.

  • I had to cater for not having DataTriggers – and then not being able to get behaviours/triggers/states to work like I wanted. In the end I used a ValueConverter to hack the selection and solved colours – yuk!
  • Had some weird issues with the MouseMove event – had to use CaptureMouse to get position readings outside the original UI element – wasn’t a requirement for WPF.
  • Spent ages working through really minor bugs that just aren’t reported properly in Silverlight. Things as simple as referencing a resource that doesn’t exist (due to misspelling) generates a super generic error message.
  • Had to create a proper custom layout panel for the words to position and rotate the highlight boxes. This was actually an improvement on the original version.

Anyhow – now have a playable version on the emulator. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

WordPuzzle_Stage2  WordPuzzle_Stage2_EndGame