Tech Ed 2008 – The story so far

Due to some late schedule changes I was fortunate enough to be the DHH first state finalist to present their demo at Tech Ed during one of the breaks. I’d got so tired of doing the same demo over and over again that this morning I decided to change it some – by adding a little WPF magic at the end. This probably detracted from the main message of the demo – using Sync Services for ADO.NET with SQL 2008 Change Tracking – but I had fun.

I was actually pretty happy with my own presentation. I didn’t make any glaring mistakes and even with the extra content still got it into the 10 minute deadline. Of course later on I got to watch a couple of the other state finalists and it became pretty obvious that I was seriously out-classed. The annoying thing was that I’m well aware of what I don’t do well when doing this presentation – its just a bit of a shock seeing how easily others can make it look. Things like good eye contact, "presenter level" enthusiasm and humour.

Roger also let on that apparently they are going to make the competition and annual event.

Tech-Ed sessions today were the usual mixed bag. The keynote was good – exactly what I’m after from a keynote – unlike last years which whilst kinda interesting really had nothing in common with the event. This year it was all about Live Mesh and Software + Services.