Sync Services Screencast – Part 2

I’ve just uploaded Part 2 of my screencast on Occasionally Connected Application using Sync Services for ADO.NET.

ADOSyncStats ADOSyncConflict

You can via this link. This 12 minute screencast contains some of the features that I wanted to cover in the Part 1 demo presentation but just couldn’t fit into the allotted 10 minutes.

More info: Handling Data Conflicts and Errors

Next I’m planning to do a quick 10 minute intro of the Holiday Planner application (for those that have been wondering about the logo in the screencast). Then at least one screencast talking about the power of using WPF ItemsControls in conjunction with DataTemplates.

Working in Adelaide

I have a day job as a professional software developer. I recently took the opportunity to assess my current employer and here’s how they did:

  • Location: Adelaide CBD, perfect for public transport, modern office block
  • Work hours: flexible with core hours, facilities exist for occasional work from home days via VPN (say if you’re expecting a tradesperson in the middle of the day).
  • Hardware: Dell XPS 1710 laptop, wireless keyboard and mouse, additional 24” monitor (so that’s a resolution of 1920×1200 + 1600×1050). That’s pretty much the standard for all developers.
  • Facilities: Kitchen with freshly ground coffee machine, your choice of other beverages and cereal (if the existing selection of herbal infusions, teas, coffees and chocolate mixes isn’t enough). Assorted cream biscuits provided, chocolate ones on Friday.
  • Dress Code: Business casual Monday through Thursday, casual every Friday.
  • Staff: Definitely some of the most talented and productive I’ve met – yet still take the time to kick the office footy around.
  • Miscellaneous: Great VPN (helps they use the same ISP as me), above average salaries, interesting software projects, new office chair

Now I’ve had the good fortune to work in some pretty good software development shops (including one with multi-coloured walls, bean-bags and a table tennis table) but it really is hard to find too many flaws with this setup.

Having said all that, despite it being a great place to work this will be my last week. Why the change? Well – lets just say its more of a “it’s not you, it’s me” situation.

My First Screencast

The attached clip is a screencast of a recent 10 minute presentation I gave at CodeCampSA.

Its the first in what is hopefully a series of clips which walk through how I’ve been building an application called Holiday Planner (working title).

WARNING: I talk fast, and I’ve got an Australian accent . I’d suggest using the link to view in full res (1024×768).